Cool Product of the week: Light Scoop

I am not a photographer and I will leave that to the pros out there lol. I just wanted to take great pics for you guys to see. I’m really getting into it and even my son is starting to take interest in it. Sometimes when I go to red carpet events it’s very dim lighting and I instantly get anxiety because sometimes my light on my Cannon Rebel flash is not strong enough.

Well I was online as usual and saw this handy dandy tool called, Light Scoop. It helps with lighting when some pics look blowed out or not enough lighting. I love this handy tool plus its affordable for people like me that just want a nice looking picture. I plan to use it this week for some of my events and I will let you know how it works out.

Here’s a pic, I took wow big difference!

You probably will be able to tell from looking at my pics that I will post. If you’re into taking cool pictures but don’t want to spend a lot on that expensive flash attachment try the Light Scoop!

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