Currently Obsessed With: Anya Hindmarch Printed Clutch



I was browsing on the internet when I came across this fun looking clutch purse designed by Anya Hindmarch. Clutch purses are here to stay for awhile and I must say, nothing bothers me more than seeing a lady out with a fabulous dress on and she is carrying a handbag with a long strap…argh! It just bothers my soul lol. For an evening look, it’s always a good idea to carry along a pretty clutch purse.

The sky is the limit now with colors and styles and just about every store has them, for many different budgets too. Please, I beg of you STOP carrying those long strapped purses with nice dresses when your going out lol. Tha’s a definite fashion DON’T! You may be thinking, well I need to carry my things but for a night out, all you need is your keys, your i.d., maybe two credit cards and a tube of lipstick/gloss, possibly a mirror, cash and that’s it! You may also carry some type of stylish satchel too but please NO long-strapped purses! Check out this pretty whimsy clutch that I fell in love with, so cute. You can grab it here if you like it! Happy Saturday! 



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