Da Brat And Judy Give An Intimate Look At Life With Their New Baby

On today’s special edition of “Tamron Hall,” Tamron hit the road to Atlanta for a broadcast exclusive interview with rapper and television personality Da Brat and her wife Jesseca “Judy” Harris-Dupart for an intimate look into their family life with their new baby, True Legend. Da Brat and Judy opened up about motherhood, what their life looks like now and how they picked their son’s name. Plus, the couple gave a tour of baby True Legend’s closet! More inside and video clip and True Legend’s closet…

Da Brat on motherhood and feeling like she has it all:
“I love life right now. I love being his mommy. She’s his mama, I’m his mommy. And I don’t know, it’s just like a miracle and I’m just happy and elated everyday and I just count my blessings everyday. I just feel special like I feel like, you know, God granted me the blessing to have him. I’m tired a lot, I don’t get much sleep. I haven’t really gotten used to the schedule but I just do what I have to do to be a great mommy…Like the full circle, I have everything now.”

Da Brat and Judy on picking their son’s name:
Da Brat says, “So, I just, you know, I thought Legend was cool and asked her and she loved it but she said we should put something in front of it so we were just trying to figure out what to make the first part so it wasn’t just Legend and one day she was like, True Legend! And I was like, I loved it!”

Da Brat on if her son’s voice will be on a track someday:
On if Da Brat wants their son to pursue music, “Whatever he wants to do, we’ll support. If he wants to play music, I play the drums, I play keyboard, whatever he wants to do, I’ll help him do it. You know, engineering, whatever, recording, he can record a song.” On if their son’s voice will be on a track someday, “Don’t you worry now. Don’t you worry. I’m going to make something special for him. Yeah for sure, with him on it. Being an artist, you want to do that. You want to create special moments, especially with your kids, so.”

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