Da Brat Replaces Claudia Jordan On The Rickey Smiley Morning Show

da brat

Congrats goes out to Rapper Shawntae Da Brat Harris! She landed the radio gig over at The Rickey Smiley Show now that Claudia Jordan has left the building. She has been on the radio here in Atlanta for a few weeks as Claudia’s fill in but they recently offered her the full time job. From getting feedback fromĀ a few friends that tune in every morning, I hear that say she is doing a phenomenal job on the air!

I had no clue that Da Brat was 41-years old now, wow time flies but she still looks as pretty as ever! I will never forget when I first moved here to Atlanta, I didn’t hardly know anyone and I saw her out at one of my first events and she was very friendly to me and my kids. My kids knew who she was and had listened to her music, she was so kind to take a quick picture with them. They were so happy and she made them smile, I have liked her ever since! Check out the picture my kids took with her I forget the year but I think it was in 2006 lol. xoxo

da brat

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