Dallas Austin Host Private Moet Brunch At His Estate In Atlanta

On Sunday afternoon, I made my way to a private Moet brunch at one of my favorite music producers estate, Dallas Austin! If you don’t know who he is, he has produced a lot of great music for some of your favorite artists. And the movie “Drumline” was based off of his life. Nick Cannon portrayed him in the movie. I’ve been knowing Dallas for a lot of years since being here in Atlanta and he is such a sweetie pie! The Moet brunch was very relaxing and I hung out by the pool area because it was just peaceful and I got to unwind and sip on champagne. His house is amazing and so futuristic looking. It’s quite something to see. Check out a few snaps from the event and have a great Tuesday everyone!¬†

Me and my buddy Paras!

Babes and Moet

Lorenzo, Owner of Humbl Hustlr

Pics shot by Paras/The Photoman Life 


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