Day 2 at Tybee Island

Tyra,Ms.Stacye and I getting ready for the St. Patrick Day parade

Day 2 at Tybee Island was soo relaxing. The kids and I got up and headed over to Ed & Lisa’s house and we were told that there was going to be a huge St. Patrick Day parade. Everybody in town was walking around in green and getting ready with their floats. I just so happen to have some green in my luggage and the kids so we hurried to get dressed.

Owners of Cafe Loco The Solomons with me & Lisa Wu Hartwell

We all met for lunch at Cafe Loco and the food was awesome! We met the owners Joel Solomon and his wife and their kids. Joel the owner told Lisa he was going to play, Tardy for the party on the float later and he did lol.  They gave us soo much food to eat at their restaurant and it as soo good. I have never had buffalo shrimp but boy o boy,I will be coming back to get more of that, it was soo good! We really had a great time there!

Andre Wu and his Jenny and son A.J.

Mr. Aidan and my son Pootie

Isoul and  Craig

Me,Toren Anderson,her son Aidan

Lisa and her nephew A.J.

Later we went to watch the parade and it was soo fun. My kids rode on Ms.Stacye’s float and they gave out candy. After that we went to a cocktail party at Ms. Stacye’s house who owns . Her home is absolutely breath taking. The mansion is 3 levels and sits off the water, wow! We all met up and had a great time!

Ms. Stacye’s mansion gorg!

Pootie having a great time!

Jenny,Me,Lisa, Ms.Stayce and Toren

After that we went to dinner at The Crab Shack. We heard soo much about this place and everyone in town was telling us to go there. The food was great, my kids and I ordered crab legs ofcourse. We had a ball with conversation and dancing and listening to the music. Jack Flanigan and his wife own this huge place, the food was great!

The crab legs yum!

Seafood platter,omg!

Thanks to Toren Anderson,Lannie & Ms.Stacye,Cafe Loco, and the Crab Shack for all the fun n food we had! Please check out all the pics!

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