Day 2 with my workout!

When I got home yesterday from working out with Lisa Wu Hartwell, I was very sore. I could barely lift my leg out of the car. I didn’t get mad or say thats it, I’m not going back. I just came in the house and took a nice shower and ate a healthy dinner. Funny thing is folks, I dont eat anything, thats my problem. I may nibble on something in the morning, have lunch and nibble at dinner time.


Doing Leg Curls


Lisa doing leg curls


Lisa showing me how to do leg squats


Me trying to do the squats, I eventually got my posture right lol

With those horrible eating habits, thats why I cant loose any weight. Lisa told me today to really drink more water(which I hate) and don’t have any carbs, sodas or sugar juices. Funny thing, all this info that she has given me, I know already. Believe it or not you guys, I was an aerobic instructor for years before I got married and had kids.Something about getting married and having kids made me lazy. I was always running around with my family, that I really neglected me. Well this year, I’m going to try really hard to focus on me. There is no excuse because my kids are 10/12 now and now its mommy’s turn!


Lisa ain’t right! Here’s to you! lol

Today Lisa called me and said we were meeting at the gym at 3pm. I thought to myself I’m so sore, how will I be able to do anything? I didn’t complain because thats not my style and I’m sure that Lisa has way more important things she could be doing. She explained to me about Hollywood standards and how even though she is a 2, on tv it adds 15 pounds. Ha, don’t I know that. I’m trying to loose weight because of health reasons plus I want to look nice in my clothes too.

Today we worked on legs and did cardio. We climbed stairs, did weights, scrunches, rode bikes, and did leg curls. You talking about legs burning,Yikes! Once I started doing all the exercises, the pain went away. Lisa told me 10 more of these, 5 of those, I never once complained, I just laughed, besides what else was I going to do? I pretty much have a great attitude about anything, so I just grinned and bared it. Ed was there too to cheer me on. He was going thru that gym like it was nothing. He had a gallon of water and says he drinks those daily. I’m going to try to drink more water too. Today was a good day. I’m blessed that I have good friends around me!

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