Day 4, with workout

So yesterday Lisa and I hit the gym really early. We both have soo many events coming up it’s crazy. It was really cold out yesterday morning but I was very determined to get my butt in the gym. We had taken 2 days off but we were back at it! We did stair master, treadmill,weights and bikes. I was exhausted but it felt good to be back in the gym believe it or not. I’ve been drinking alot of water lately, I’m so proud of my self and now noticed that my back doesn’t hurt as much. My hubby always yells at me for not drinking enough water, Lisa yells at me too. I have to learn to drink more I really do. My body is sore but I’m not complaining, maybe I can wear a shorter skirt this summer you never know, ha! Yesterday I ate:

  • apples n peanut butter
  • protein shake, chicken salad and soup
  • baked chicken and veggies for dinner before 7pm.

Not too bad. See you guys tomorrow!

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