Daymond John Surprise Moment With Disney Dreamer TeLario Watkins II

I got a chance meet a stand out Disney Dreamer while down in Orlando, Florida for this years, Disney Dreamers Academy! The annual mentoring event for students takes place at Walt Disney World! This years stand out student was TeLario Watkins II from Blacklick, Ohio. I just had to meet him since his story was super inspiring and you guys know I’m a fellow Ohioan! Watkins is a 16-year-old entrepreneur, author, speaker and Hunger Hero from Columbus, Ohio. He’s currently a sophomore at LH High School in Ohio. At age 7, he started his very own business. He created Tiger Mushroom Farms after a Cub Scout project ended. He is very passionate about food justice and started a non-profit, The Garden Club Project to help end hunger & encourage kids to eat healthier. His interests include technology in agriculture, gardening, traveling and watching and reading anime. His career goal is to use technology to improve the food system in his community and communities around the world!

While we were interviewing Watkins, he told us how he was very passionate about his mushroom business and how he became a food activist! That’s when he got the surprise of his life and Daymond John appeared on the carpet and he his reaction was priceless lol! He was at a loss for words but smiled through it all lol. Watkins stated that he had met John when he was 7 years old. Daymond John told Watkins that he loved his inspirational story and that’s when he invited him to the set of Shark Tank for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how it all goes down! Watkins was blown away and full of excitement! What a great surprise right?

In addition to being a popular figure on the hit ABC tv series “Shark Tank”, John is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur and an Invester who is well-known for launching the successful clothing line FUBU. See more photos inside and congrats to TeLario!


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