‘Dirty Rascals’ Italianato Buckhead

I have been bugging my daughter Tyra about going to dine with me at a hip new classic Italian-American restaurant in Buckhead that I spied when I was at the grand opening of The Thompson hotel last year. Ever since that day, I have annoyed her about this place till she finally gave in and we made our way to Dirty Rascal the other night!

The Chef is Todd Ginsberg and I heard mixed reviews about this place but I still wanted to try it for myself. Just like with movie critics you have your food critics as well and the general public that have their opinions about different things. I don’t really pay attention to that stuff, I have a mind of my own. I still never let things influence me till I see something or try it for myself, then I can form my own opinion and that is what I did.

The food, atmosphere and service was tremendous and if you love Italian food, this is a spot you want to try and especially for a date night where you want to impress someone special! The ambiance is magnetic and they have sexy cocktails! My daughter sipped on a strawberry lemon drop and said it was delish! I do not drink but I could tell she thoroughly enjoyed it!

What do they have you may be wondering? They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner options and as you know we were in for dinner. You can choose from Antipasti, Salads, Pasta, Seafood, Steak and Dessert. As far as pricing, look to spend about $150 for two people. Add a lil more if you plan on getting drinks. Its a huge space and lots of little areas to take great photos to show off your lovely night out. Plus it has a full size bar. So if you may not want to dine, there is a cocktail lounge area to meet up with friends, this area was popping with guests.

We even brought along my pint-sized grandson Legend. They were very accommodating to him. My three-year-old grandchild ordered alfredo pasta with chicken while I opted out for some hefty meatballs with their bread basket. My daughter selected the lasagna that showed up to the table with such a lovely presentation. When I say that we enjoyed our food, that is an understatement! So good, so flavorful and the portions were plentiful! Please try and tell a friend and don’t forget to say… I sent yah, see more inside…

Strawberry Lemon Drop

Meatballs red sauce, parmigiano crumbles, basil

Lasagna Beef, mozzarella, besciamella, marina, ricotta


Dirty Rascals

415 East Paces Ferry

Atlanta, Ga 30305

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