Disney Dreamers DREAM Big

It’s always super exciting to sit down and chat with Disney Dreamers when I’m at Walt Disney World! Back in the day when I was in high school headed off to college, I wish that I had mentors the kids have today. I could have used the mentorship in my life! That wasn’t available for me and I definitely didn’t have the resources that kids have today! There is really no excuse to achieve in todays world because kids have access to so much. Plus, kids are way more advanced than ever now! I met two dreamers, one from my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio and another young lady from Atlanta, Ga. I always try to pick students that I can relate to and also to inspire others out there that may see this.

It’s to motivate others and show them that no matter where you are from, you can still achieve any dream that you put your mind to! I came from humble beginnings, and it was not easy for me! I faced a lot of adversity in my life but I overcame so much, and it made me who I am today! I just wish that I had more structure and guidance when I was younger to help me along the way. When you are young, you need that extra push. Now I am able to help and educate others and pull up someone else!

Read more about the young ladies inside…

Cora Goode is a 15-year-old sophomore attending Beaumont School in Cleveland, Ohio. She is in the marching band, plays basketball, lacrosse and school plays keep her pretty busy!  She is a member of the Ambassador, Black Student Organization, Asian Heritage Club, and Astronomy Club. Outside of school, she is a 6th year SCA Playwright competitor, a jr. performer for Cleveland Association of Black Storytellers, an annual volunteer for Polar Express Charity Train as an elf and grant writers for youth service day. In the future she would like to become an actress and own a theater house that caters to children.

She heard from Disney Dreamers Academy from her mom’s friend. Right now she looks up to a lot of artists in the music industry like Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars and The Weekend. She likes that they are human and are relatable. So far she has loved all the guest speakers that shared inspiring and relatable stories of their backgrounds. She also loved interacting with the other students because they were inclusive and very bright. Her favorite ride thus far is Tron and it was her first time visiting Disney World!

Hannah Dennis is a freshman at Elite Scholars Academy. She is passionate about positively impacting her community. She has been committed to the Beta Club since 4th grade, aligning with it’s goals. She also organizes Hannah’s Christmas Extravaganza, delivering joy through gifts to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. She has hosted events promoting self-defense and mental health awareness through the Southern Black Girls Consortium. Dennis interests include aviation, modeling, acting, writing, and psychology. She aspires to earn a doctorate in psychology and a bachelor’s in aviation to pursue a career as a corporate pilot.

Her experience at Disney Dreamers has been amazing and she met a lot of new friends. She enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy hands down.

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