Don Lemon Sets The Record Straight On X Debacle With Elon Musk

Our friend Don Lemon stops by to talk about the next steps in his career, his viral conversation with Elon Musk and his upcoming wedding! He talked about his interview with Elon Musk and the question that got him all bent out of shape was about him taking the controversial drug Ketamine. He felt like that question was a bit personal although he talks about taking it and having a prescription for it on his social media platform.

He also cleared the air and said that Elon was not his boss, simply just a person that wanted to carry his show. He said Don asked him for over 5 million and a Tesla lol. Then it was the whole thing about Immigration and the great replacement theory. He falsely contends that Jews are behind a plot to diminish the influence of white people in the U.S. But in the interview with Lemon he argued that a surge of immigrants lacing permanent legal status has messed U.S. elections in favor of Democrats.

So those subjects were a bit testy for Musk and he pulled Lemons show, how about that! When you are seasoned journalist that has been on major platforms, what did he expect? Lemon did his homework and had every right to ask what he thought was appropriate! See more inside and a video clip. I was loving his red velvet suit! I met Don at a fashion event a few years back, he was so much fun but right to the point!


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