Dootie Goes Purple For Summertime Fun!


For all my hairstylists, makeup artists and beauty lovers out there, this is a funny story, so sit back, relax and get your morning chuckle! My daughter is up in our hometown with my husband visiting. My mom called me and said that her and Dootie was at a tattoo parlor getting ready to get new tats! Pause…what??? I almost passed out because first of all, I am very afraid of tattoos and I couldn’t believe that my own mom was encouraging my 17 yr old to get a tattoo! What grandma does that lol…




I do not have the average mom though that cares about what people say or think, I have to remember that but I quickly shot down that idea and asked Dootie is that really something she wanted to do! I warned her, really I threatened her that those things were permanent and that I thought she was making a bad decision plus I was not there to supervise. After our talk via facetime, she chickened out anyway and didn’t get it, thank God!!!! I was on pins and needles because I know so many people that have tattoos and later on regretted it. She only wanted to get a flower on her foot that was really small but I’m glad that she didn’t get one. I love tattoos on other people and think that they are pretty but I just don’t like them for me. Its never been my thing.

That brings me to my daughter’s new purple hair color that she got yesterday. Dootie likes to play around with her hair and be creative with it, I encourage that a lot! My best friend Heather has been a professional hairstylist in Cleveland for over 25yrs, so I knew she was in good hands. After Dootie got her hair colored and finished, she quickly texted me a few pics and I LOVED it! I always wanted to color my hair when I was young but my mom wouldn’t let me cut or color my hair back then, see how she do! But she wants my daughter to do all these crazy things smh! I’ve always loved the color purple for hair and on Dootie, I think the color came out so pretty and it fits her skin tone. Heather gave me some information about the coloring process. If you like the color and how to do it check it out below. Enjoy! xoxo

First we lifted/lightened Dootie’s hair to a level 6 with(Redken Flash Lift). Then we applied a few semi-permanent colors with lavender & purple to get the color she wanted. After applying, we let her sit under the dryer for 20 minutes, then rinsed, conditioned, blow dried, trimmed and curled her natural hair. Then we added pops of color with hair extensions in the bang area. Those colors were hot pink and green. 

This semi-permanent color will fade with each shampoo but it should last for about 6 weeks but you can always re-apply. This particular hairstyle and color with cut cost around $80 and up. xoxo


Hair By Heather

3910 Warrensville Center Rd

Warrensville Hts, Ohio 

216-253-0794(serious inquiries only)

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