Drake Talks Marriage, Career, New Book And More

From the comfort of his bed, podcaster Bobbi talked to “Aubrey”: A rapper and/or singer and/or musician, author, and very rich and famous person. How much is Drake really worth? What are his marriage plans? His kinks? Amazingly enough, he’s decided to unveil all of the answers to Bobbi Althoff.

I found this interview to be funny as heck and I hardly posts about rappers but Drake always is a vibe! I really like most of his music too! I find him to be quite charming and genuine. He also doesn’t tap dance around really hard questions like most folks! The interviewer on the other hand got on my last nerves and why she decided to interview Drake and hardly knew he he was, was just a lil far fetched for me since she is a young person and her livelihood mainly comes from her podcast and interviewing people! I found it very hard to believe she didn’t know Drake’s music or who Lil Wayne was, like girl really?

She was extremely sarcastic and made it appear that she’s oblivious to what the hell is going on in the real world like she is some privileged lil white girl in America! She was annoying as hell but I loved Drake’s bluntness and comebacks lol, he tickles my spirit and hopefully I get to meet him one day!

Found it interesting that he said maybe one day he will get married but he didn’t want to disappoint someone and he didn’t know if he could keep up the consistency that is required in a marriage! All of this because of how he rolls and his popular career.

Oh yeah, Drake has a new memoir/poetry book out now called, Titles Ruin Everything ┬áthat talks about what happens when someone is constantly told that they’re more clever than they actually are. Across 168 pages of single-line text, Drake quips about women, sex, women, money, fake friends, and women. Ever heard a Drake song before? See the video inside….

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