Eclipse Di Luna In Buckhead

I was pleasantly surprised over the weekend! I was invited out to a restaurant that I didn’t even know existed. It was called, Eclipse Di Luna located in Buckhead and boy was it jumping! As soon as I walked in, there was hand dancing going on with a live band and it was very colorful, I just was not expecting that on a warm Saturday night! When I say it was a lot going on, baby…it was so much fun! I haven’t had authentic Spanish food in a very long time but I could smell the aroma in the air and was too excited to try!

If you have never been to this place, I suggest you get dressed up, gather your significant other or your girlfriend and head dow, it’s something fun to do in the city! The sangrias and margaritas were tasty and you will just have a great time, I know I did. I was dancing in my seat listening to the band and smiling as I watched everyone dancing, so fun and a great escape. You can either dine inside or out, simply up to you. The food is served tapas styled to share and you can call ahead to make a reservation. Oh and as far as the food, it was so good and I do plan on heading back! Check out a few snaps inside and if you do decide to visit, try the ribs, they are a must-have, till next time!

Live Music


Batter Fried Green Beans, Citrus Aioli, Maldon


Spanish-style ribs and aged balsamic vinaigrette


Pan Roasted Vegetable Salad, Traditional Romesco, Fine Herbs


Eclipse Di Luna Buckhead

764 Miami Cir NE

Atlanta, Ga 30324

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