Elf Cosmetics Beautifully Precise Makeup Brush Collection

I have a few events this week and I have to look my best! Thank goodness I have a licensed Cosmetologist living at home with me, who you guys know as my daughter Dootie lol. She likes to use me as a guinea pig with new hair colors and likes to try out makeup looks on me. I just sit there and smile and take it all in. I’m surprised that I have any strands left in my head lol. Yesterday, I got a package in the mail from Elf Cosmetics and it was their new Spring line of Precise Makeup Brushes. My daughter wanted to try them out on me and we both agreed that they are really good! I love Elf Cosmetics because their products are extremely affordable, easy to find in most stores and on trend. Check out my makeup look and brushes that we tried out inside…

Elf Beautifully Precise Makeup Brushes:

Precision Sculpting Brush

Precision Eyeliner Brush

Precision Eyebrow Duo Brush

Precision Smudge Brush

Precision Eyeshadow Brush

I LOVE this Elf Sculpting Brush! 

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2 thoughts on “Elf Cosmetics Beautifully Precise Makeup Brush Collection

  1. I’ve been seeing these brushes in Target amd wondered if they were any good. I’m going to have to pick up a few of them from this line.

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