Elise Martez And Her American Girl Doll

American Girl Doll

I have always had a love affair with dolls. They have just always given me joy throughout the years, even till this day. Growing up, I did not see a lot of dolls that looked like me and especially not in my skin tone. That’s one of the reasons why I LOVE and ADORE American Girl today because they have a variety of dolls for all little girls in lots of shades and hair textures. From light to dark skin, curly hair to straight, they have something for your little girl or a loved one. My daughter Dootie still has her huge collection of these dolls too. 

My friend/photographer Paras Griffin has a goddaughter by the name of Elise Martez and he gave her, her first American Girl doll and she was too elated. He shared a few photos with me to post. I hinted early on that this would be a great gift idea for her. In her neighborhood, she was the talk of the town over the weekend because all her neighbors who has one, said she is now an official member of the “doll club” lol. I feel sorry for you Paras because you have NO idea what you have started lol. There is an American Girl store in Alpharetta, Ga(North Point Mall) and they stay very busy! Oh my Paras, you’re in deep trouble now! Check out a few snaps of Elise with her new Truly Me doll…

American Girl Doll

Love how they are matching, uber cute right?

American Girl Doll

DSC_0462DSC_0492American Girl DollAmerican Girl Doll

American Girl Doll

american girl doll

Location: Elise’s Place (Atlanta,Ga)

Hair & Makeup: Mom(El Martez)

T-shirt: American Girl Tee Atlanta(located at North Point Mall)

Doll: American Girl Truly Me Doll

Photographer: Paras Griffin/The Photoman Life

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2 thoughts on “Elise Martez And Her American Girl Doll

  1. This doll is beautiful & so is Elise! I love this post!!! 🙂

    We are so similar – i love dolls too. You know i collect Barbies. So excited that my sister got me the 2015 holiday barbie for xmas, aww! LOL

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