Erica Campbell Chats About Stevie Wonder Attending Her Album Release Concert

Multi-hyphenate Erica Campbell performed her song “Feel Alright (Blessed)” for the Tam Fam and reflected on her recent Grammy Award nominations. Campbell also told the story of her recent missed encounter with the legendary Stevie Wonder. See what she had to say inside…

Erica Campbell on finding out that she was nominated for two Grammy Awards this year:

“I was out of town and my husband called and he just said, ‘Congratulations, babe.’ Yeah, I mean, it never gets old. Every time feels amazing because you put this music together from your heart. We did it during the pandemic, so everything was not okay. But I wanted to declare what God said about me, not what I felt. I said I’m blessed. I said I’m positive. And I said I love you.”


Erica Campbell on having Stevie Wonder attend her album release concert without her knowing: 

“I did an album release concert at my church. And I didn’t know that Stevie [Wonder] came. He was there in the audience with a harmonica. And I didn’t see him and I’m so devastated. We had an album release concert at my church. Packed, so many people there. Tabitha Brown, KevOnStage. Cedric the Entertainer and Stevie Wonder. I didn’t know…I don’t know how I missed it. But they told me after. I said, ‘Listen the next time Stevie comes in in the middle of the concert you go ‘Stevie’s here!’” 

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