Everyday Simple Indulgences Part 3

There are always never-ending task of trying to balance your personal and professional life and sometimes it becomes more than you can handle! Like I said before, I’m all about self-care and I try my best to find things to do to relax my mind! I’m a Gemini and we are known to be critical thinkers and always trying to figure things out. I know personally, my mind never shuts off and especially during sleeping hours. I try to bring the focus back by trying to find simple indulgences that soothe my mind, body and soul. Check out a few more of simple indulgences that I’ve tried and that you can try too, that’s ¬†fun to do, hope you enjoy…..

  • Wash and condition your hair, listen to soothing music
  • Buy yourself beautiful silk pajamas or a robe
  • Reread your favorite childhood book
  • Stroll barefoot through a public garden and take pretty photos
  • Steam your face over a boiling pot of water infused with dried lavender
  • Spend an afternoon at a flea market
  • Find a carnival or festival and ride the Ferris wheel
  • Test drive a sexy convertible on a sunny day
  • Make a homemade body scrub from salt, sesame oil, and fresh lemon
  • Mat and frame a treasure family photo
  • Learn how to knit

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