Fall Is In The Air And Ten Things

Fall is in the air, can you smell it? With fall comes the smell of pumpkin spice, intimate family gatherings, fall home decor, comfort food, fuzzy sweaters and plenty of baked goods. Atleast that’s what I think of when it comes to Fall time lol. My grandson turned 6 months yesterday and I can’t believe that he is growing so fast! He tries his best to hold conversations with me, blows spit bubbles constantly and he has found his feet.

He hasn’t mastered the idea of crawling yet and now that I think about it, neither one of my kids were really into crawling either, they walked really early. Hopefully Baby Legend does the same but then I know all hell will break loose lol. Legend is such a joy and blessing in my life, you guys have no idea how many times out the day I hug and kiss on him and tell him how much I love him. He just melts my heart. Inside, you can find cool links to ten things that I found that might have some interest to you, have a wonderful & blessed day and stay safe out there. 

Ten Cool Things:

  • Baby Legend is growing so fast, Solly Baby came out with their new Fall Collection, their sleepers are super soft and cuddly!
  • My friend and fellow blogger, Rosalynn Daniels is such a great cook. She shared a yummy recipe called, “American Goulash” check it out here.
  • Did you know that Actress Tracee Ellis Ross launched her very own natural hair care line called, Pattern looks great!
  • Raise awareness about bees and their importance by buying cute jewelry at Bee Mission 
  • These luxury handbags & clothing are quite different in design and it’s African American owned, Isaac & Moore 
  • In the market for a new luxury vehicle, you have to see the Lexus LS, wow!
  • Itty bitty handbags are on trend this Fall, love this one by Balenciaga  
  • Tamron Hall new daytime talk show airs September 9th, happy for her.
  • If you like exhibits and live here in ATL, this one looks very interesting Cyclodrama: The Big Picture 
  • GREAT book for those to be inspired about gaining wealth Black Fortunes 




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