Family Fun Day At The Pool

I got a call on Sunday afternoon from my daughter inviting me over to her place for a cookout and poolside fun! I have to take you back and let you know that both of my kids are water babies! Anytime they can be around water, they love it and I am the same way! Ive always lived by a lake, pool or some type of water it brings me so much peace lol. So I headed over to her place to play with my grandson and take a dip in the pool. It was really nice out and guess what?

By the time I arrived, there was no other people at the pool! I guess either it was too hot or people were just busy doing other things but it was nice to just kick back with family and have the WHOLE entire pool area to ourselves! I am very grateful for so many things but spending time with family is the ultimate blessing, enjoy your day everyone and check out all the poolside fun snaps inside!

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