Fashion And Tech Come Together With The Maturing Of Wearables Market


As technologies that power wearables continue to get smarter with each passing year, the fashion brands have also started pitching in and are at the helm of the next wearable tech evolution. If we go by the statistics, one in every five adults wears some kind of fitness band or smartwatch today, and by the year 2020, the market for such wearable technologies is going to be worth 30 billion world over.

While there is no denying the fact that this market is definitely worth keeping an eye on, and savvy brands are making grand entries into this space to get their slice of the pie, creating accessories which give more importance to convenience and style rather than features, many people ponder if the wearable tech is actually making them healthier. There are statistics that show that many people who buy wearables also abandon them shortly after buying them. You can learn about it more here in this piece. Returning to what we were talking about, putting convenience and style ahead of features is something that is a departure from the earlier approach. Technical features have in fact always been the focus of such products, with devices competing mostly on the capabilities and battery life. 

Having said that, technology and fashion are no strangers to each other. Right from models flaunting Google Glass on the runways to someone like Adam Selman, the famous fashion designer, cat walking wearing payment-enabled dresses, wearable tech is definitely making its mark in the fashion world.

Trends like athleisure continue to gain popularity in this segment. People are opting for smaller tech as they seek seamless, minimalistic and well-designed options. It’s important for the fashion brands and tech experts to work hand-in-hand to end any consumer confusion about whether such devices are fitness tools, tech hardware or fashion accessories. 

Making wearable tech attractive

Wearable technology can appeal to consumers only if both technology and fashion aspects are taken good care of. Whether it is a gold-plated ring, a diamond cuff, some smart jewellery or metallic watch, anything that allows consumers to get something extra while looking good is going to be very important in the next generation of wearable technology. Adopting this strategy can be a very promising approach for the brands to tap into new markets and reach digitally conscious and new customers.


The biggest challenge for technology providers is to make processes unobtrusive and smooth enough so that fashion brands feel empowered to design wearables which look no different from high-end accessories. This market is the kind that will require people who have the combined expertise of both technology and fashion, creating products that embrace the best of both the worlds, rather than something that is only a compromise and doesn’t speak to the inner fashionista of the customer, nor addresses their tech cravings.

Having expressed all these concerns and points, the good news is there are some brands that are starting to get this combination right and are offering truly beautiful accessories which are also digitally powered. 

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