Fashion Blogger Color Me Courtney Gives Us A Sneak Peek of Her NYC Apartment


You may remember a few months ago I was in Miami with Red Bull. Well while I was there, I ran into the very cheerful and vibrant Color Me Courtney who’s a fashion blogger that I’ve been following on social for about a year now. If you are not familiar with her, she LIVES in COLOR! Her blog, social and youtube channel is full of life, creativity and more. She has fun with fashion and color! I was walking to the Red Bull office when I spotted her in a blue outfit, and she was with her funny fiancé Paris.

If you watch her youtube channel, he teases and interrupts her all the time and when she talks to her audience she calls them “cuties” and he will jokingly call them “tangerines” lol. They are so cute together. She was recently featured on HGTV and showed her NYC apartment and it’s just as colorful as her wardrobe and I wanted to share the video with you guys. Enjoy your Tuesday! 

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