‘Fashion Bloggers’ Returns For Second Season On E!

fashion bloggers

Did you watch the first season of Fashion Bloggers? Well its back on trend, returning for a second season on Saturdays on E!/Australia. Fashion Bloggers follows the fast-paced lives of Australia’s top independent bloggers of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Fashion Bloggers on this season includes Amanda ShadforthKate Waterhouse, Nadia Fairfax, Sara Donaldson and Zanita Whittington. Come inside to meet them and to check out a new clip…

fashion bloggers

Currently the show is airing in Australia on E!, not in the United States but I have been watching it online on their Youtube channel. They all have very busy lives, great agents and style ofcourse. I just wish they could have found atleast one African American or even a curvier gal to balance out the show. Perhaps they don’t consider or look that hard for African American fashion bloggers which is a huge issue in the fashion world.

Its like they totally disregard what is really in the world, which does not always “look” like them, sadly. All in all, I still like how they conduct business, work with brands, come up with ideas for their blogs, their fashion shoots and more. I find it somewhat relatable and I dream of doing the same thing for myself. I want to represent minority women around the globe with fashion. Its baby steps I know but one day I will get there. I do also like the fact that they casted a more mature fashion blogger on the show which is Amanda, she gives me hope.  A clip is below if you are interested in watching.

fashion bloggers


Zanita Whittington/Zanita


Amanda Shadforth/Oracle Fox


Nadia Fairfax/Fairfax Journal


Sara Donaldson/Harper & Harley

fashion bloggers

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I had heard of the show, but paid it no attention because I thought it was going to be like some sort of competition show. It was really good. I liked the Dubai episode. I’ll have to keep up with it online now.

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