Fashion Trend: Embellished Handbags


Fendi Velvet Peekaboo Bag

I just recently found out that when a purse is expensive, you DO NOT call it that, you call it a “handbag”! Did you guys know that? I was recently visited my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio and while out shopping with my mom, she bought me a belated birthday present. She purchased me the Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag. You’ve seen me recently do style shoots with it and I will cherish it forever!

That was so sweet of her and that’s when I came across these fancy Fall 2016 “embellished handbags” that are on trend currently that I wanted to share with you! Start looking out for embellished shoes, clothing and “pocketbooks” as my mom likes to call them lol in stores soon. Take a peek at a few of my favs…


Valentino Lock Small Embroidered Leather Shoulder Bag


Nancy Gonzalez Butterfly Crocodile Small Clutch Bag




Dior Runway


Chanel Cuba Cruise 2017

Dolce & Gabbana Women’s Green Embellished Sequin Clutch



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2 thoughts on “Fashion Trend: Embellished Handbags

  1. I have loved the LV speedy bag for quite some time. I want one, perhaps one day. No I didn’t know that that was the difference.

    The embellishments have to grow on me.

  2. LOL, yeah me too! My mom gave me two huge Louis Vuitton handbags when I was high school. I was a big dummy and donated them to Goodwill after a few years because I never knew the value of them way back then. She was so mad at me but she never schooled me on the price of them. Now I know LOL!

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