Fashion Trend: Mixing & Matching African Prints

african prints

Wearing Designer Evelyn Lambert African Print Dress

I was first exposed to African fashions as a teen from my godmother who is a seamstress and designer back home in Ohio. Her name is Enid Bevel and she is from Liberia, a country in Africa. I would drive her to different places to pick up lots of pretty fabrics in different bold patterns. I was one of her models/muses too. I loved to play in all the skirts, dresses and head wraps she would make. I would watch her sew clothing for women who would come to her boutique called, Nakeli Liberia Jungle. I love her to pieces and learned so much from her and the African culture.

When I had my daughter Dootie, she came to my home and wrapped African cloth around my waist and pinned it really tightly. I didn’t know what she was doing at the time, but she had five kids and she had a very tiny waist! I had to wear it for weeks and she said I would thank her later! This was in 1997 way before waist trainers and spanx! Sure enough, thats why you see that my waist line is kinda small because she helped me get my figure back after both of my kids were born, love you Enid! She also used to tie my babies on her back with the same cloths and do chores around the house when she would babysit for me, they loved it, while I looked on and was freaked out lol. I didn’t know at the time that newborns prefer to be very snuggly and tightly bound because it reminded them of being in the womb, ha who knew!

African print fabrics are all the craze now and we see them worn in lots of ways. Women are rocking the African patterns everywhere now, mixing and matching the iconic prints with white blouses, head wraps (like June Ambrose made famous) pants, jackets and more! Check out a few fashion bloggers, celebs, models and fashionistas wearing the latest fashion trend. Have a blessed day! xoxo


african print

Fashion Blogger Mimi/Mimi G Style looks darling!

african print

Ms.Sole/LoveLifePearls rocking a bad African print jacket, yes!

african prints

Claire/Fashion Bomb Daily in a flirty peplum skirt


Fashion Blogger Stella/Jadore-Fashion modeling a Zuvaa midi-skirt

african print

Fashion Blogger Folake/Style Pantry in floral print pants, swoon!

african print

Fashion Designer Stella Jean model looks fabulous from head to toe, WOW!

African print

Cute model styled with fun mini skirt and bobby socks!

african print

Fashion Blogger Vivian/Jokotade wears a denim shirt that works really well with a bold fabric!

african print

Model/Blogger Nikia Phoenix/Model Liberation in full African attire

african prints

Love the long maxi skirt she’s wearing with bustier, cute!

african prints

Genae Photographer & Fashion Blogger/Fashion Junkey looking fab in her skirt!

african prints

Fashion Blogger Amarachi Ukachu looks fab in her dress

african prints

Beyonce rocking a Stella Jean African print pencil skirt


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3 thoughts on “Fashion Trend: Mixing & Matching African Prints

  1. Lol at your story! I tied the cloth around tightly too and it helped a lot. I also backed my son the same way your Godmother did…works wonders! 🙂


  2. I wish someone tied something around this waist of mine. Yay for godmothers!

    I love that the patterns are in style. I still like color blocking, but I love the vibrant colors and patterns. very nice.

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