Feel Good Friday: A Chat With My Mommy

I always wanted to ask my mommy a few questions about me when I was a little girl. What it was like raising me, things that I did that she had fond memories of and more! I called my mom today as usual, we talk everyday around 6am and talk about nothing much but I am so grateful that I still get to hear Carolyn’s voice each and every day! She is 75 now, always in her yard gardening, remodeling her home and asking how everyone is doing down here in Atlanta. She talks about how sad she gets because she is not able to see my grandson Legend. I’ve been trying to make it happen for awhile now but every time I try to plan a visit, something comes up.

This last time it was Covid 19 and my mom had it. She has since been fully vaccinated and doing much better but she was hospitalized for three days and it took a toll on me! She is doing great now and back to cursing and shopping, her favorite things to do lol! I asked her a few questions and wanted to share her answers with you inside, have a wonderful weekend everyone, its Feel Good Friday, hope this makes you smile!

Location: The Hilton Pensacola Beach, Florida

Hair & Makeup: Tyra In The City 

Top: She In off shoulder layered sleeve crop top

Bottom: She In bikini bottom

Photographer: Jen

What was it like raising me?

I craved a lot of strawberries and cherries with you when I was pregnant. You were a good child, I didn’t have any problems raising you. Even throughout school, you gave me no issues, everyone liked you. Anyone would be glad to babysit you with no issues. I used to call you “muff”, before a cousin stole it..smh! You were very sensitive and would cry easily (you’re still like that). I hardly had to spank you because you would be so upset if I yelled at you.

What do I do that makes you proud?

You are a very hard worker, kinda remind me of myself a little bit. You’re a very sweet determined daughter and always loved to help people. And you have a lot of beautiful ways. We clash sometimes because we have a lot of similarities that make us bicker sometimes. Thats pretty normal with mother and daughters though. We always make up at the end, its part of life I guess.

Who were some women in your life that you consider role models?

I never hung around a lot of people or admired anyone. I loved being around older women that could teach me things but other than that not really no-one that sticks out. As far as celebrities, I was not really a tv person, I loved music. I loved singers like Tammi Terrell which is who I named you after and I thought she was beautiful and talented.

Do you have a favorite memory or funny story about me?

You were three years old back in the 70’s, and I had left you in my friend’s car while I ran back in the house to grab something. We didn’t have car seats back then lol. You were in the front seat playing with the steering wheel. You touched something and moved the gear out of park. The camaro that I had back then rolled back in the driveway and hit the side of the house. We heard a loud crash and ran outside. You were playing in the car like nothing happened. We were glad you were ok but you damaged the car. We laughed so hard because of the look on your face was priceless because you were so unbothered. Later we got the car fixed.

Do you have any advice for me?

I want you to be very successful. Take your time, learn to grow and think with your heart. You will have your ups and downs in life and everyday is not a bowl of cherries. You have to be strong and it will get better with time.






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