Feel Good Friday: Getting Glammed By ‘Makeup Artist Mimi’

I’m sure that I have a lot of makeup lovers out there! I am all for self care and getting my makeup done is one of them. With Covid-19 running rampant, I have not been able to cover many red carpet events or attend anything of any importance but from time to time I just feel like getting pampered. Mimi Humphries is my makeup artist and I met her on a photoshoot about a year ago. We hit it off and became fast friends. She has been doing my face for almost a year now and she is the sweetest person you would ever want to meet. Every time I visit her, I have these funny stories to tell her. We just laughed and can hardly get done because of all the talking. Her doggie “Mufasa”, who is very skeptical of newcomers has become quite attracted to me lol. Everytime I come over and sit in Mimi’s chair, he comes by and licks my feet lol.

I had an event to attend not too long ago and Mimi did my face and I really loved it! It’s extremely hard to find someone who you can connect with and that does your face just right! Living in Atlanta there are tons of talented makeup artists here and you can take your pick. But we just mesh well and her prices are quite reasonable and her schedule in flexible. Plus we both are Geminis and you know we are very creative by nature. Mimi normally would be on set of Court Tv where she is the lead makeup artist but due to the pandemic, she has been home and all mine which I’m loving lol!

I LOVE being pampered and it makes me feel good and blessed to be able to get my face done by a professional makeup artist. If you’re in the area or looking for a new makeup artist, give Mimi a call. She’s extremely clean, fast and knows all the latest trends in makeup artistry. On her website Artist Mimi MUA, you can see some of her work and you can book too. Enjoy your Friday and be safe out there!

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