Feel Good Friday: My Interview With Deon & Karen From TLC’s ‘Doubling Down With The Derrico’s’

Hey guys and happy Friday! I had the pleasure of interviewing the loving couple Deon and Karen Derrico who’s on the hit reality series on TLC called, Doubling Down with the Derricos! They were so much fun to chat with and did you know they have 14 kids, wowza! This Sunday is “National Sibling Day” so I reached out to them to give parents advice on how to have children co-exist, how to break up fights, how do they get “me time” and a host of other tips and tricks when having a huge family! See what they had to say over on my column at Yahoo Lifestyle! This definitely makes for a great Feel Good Friday! You can also catch their show on TLC, Tuesdays at 10pm!

Karen and Deon

Doubling Down With the Derricos — Tuesdays at 10PM ET/PT
Navigating life with fourteen kids, including four sets of naturally conceived multiples, is never easy. But, with the kids getting older, parents Deon and Karen are facing a whole new set of challenges, including a fifteen-year-old’s quest for independence and a driver’s license, eleven-year-old and ten-year-old twins developing their first crushes, four-year-old triplets starting preschool, plus potty training, a trip to Disney, new health issues and more. In the midst of all the regular chaos of raising children, the Derricos are also on the brink of a big decision: moving cross-country to South Carolina to be closer to Karen’s extended family and her Southern roots. No matter what lies ahead, the Derricos will face it together, doubling down on all the love and fun it takes to raise this unique family.


Images via TLC

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