Feel Good Friday: Prayer Really Works!

It’s been a long week and it rained so much here that I was so happy when I seen the sun shining today! Its a bit chillier than usual but I’ll take it! I was invited out to breakfast this morning and went for a walk by this pond and it was so relaxing! I got a bit sad though because I’m so used to the warm weather and hanging out by the pool. The other day, I was watching the news and they said, yes it’s officially Fall! Dang, but that’s ok, I have a lot of things planned for the fall time with my family. Like taking my grandson to the pumpkin farm and on hay rides. Then we have the holidays and I can’t wait for that! Make sure you check back to see what Boogy Bear and I wear this Halloween should be fun lol.

I wanted to mention too that I have a dear friend that just got discharged from the hospital she had Covid and was in there for 3 weeks! They couldn’t get her breathing under control and she went downhill pretty fast! Thank God she recovered and she’s at home resting now but she has to learn how to walk all over again and her motor skills are not the best. I’m just glad that she pulled through and she’s with her family. Prayer really works! This blessing and good news makes for a great Feel Good Friday! I want each and every one of you to have a safe and blessed weekend. xoxo

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