Femme It Forward Pre-Grammy High Tea Party In L.A. Honoring Coco Jones, Summer Walker & Halle Bailey

Femme It Forward hosted their inaugural Pre Grammy weekend High Tea Party celebrating signers Coco Jones, Summer Walker and Halle Bailey. All the gorgeous ladies are also nominated for Grammy’s that took place last night! Live Nation partnered with founder Heather Lowery who orchestrated the grand affair!

The event was to give homage to the culture of Black women in music and entertainment. As the ladies raised their tea cups high and made a toast, Lowery said, “Success never comes easy, and for most of us in the room—certainly myself—we have to work at least twice as hard as everyone else,” Lowery said in her toast. “A part of me always feels like I am at square one, no matter how long I have been doing this. I am expressing this because I am not alone and know that many people in this room know exactly what I am talking about.”

The elegant affair was filled with industry mavens, influencers, The UCLA Gluck String Quartet, Synchronized Swimmers called, The Black Swans and many more! See a few snaps from all the fun inside, such a lovely affair, wish I could have attended, right up my alley!

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Guest and LeToya Luckett


Images provided by Robin Lori Photography

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