First Look: BET’s ‘Caught Up’ Starring Jasmin Brown

CAUGHT UP follows Jazzy (Jasmin Brown), a young Caribbean woman living at home with her parents who refuses to settle as she stacks her money and builds a life of her own. When she meets a man named Wayne, he checks all her boxes, but is everything Jazzy’s parents warned her against. After she learns Wayne is engaged to another woman, she must now decide: “Is sharing a man settling, if you’ve found the love of your life?” This four-episode original series premieres on August 24, only on BET+. All episodes available on the platform on August 24. See the funny trailer inside….



The new dramedy series, “Caught Up,” focuses on a beautiful, spicy, ambitious young lady named Jazzy who, like most women in their twenties, wants it all – the career, the home, the husband. Growing up, having witnessed her parents’ playful and loving marriage, she always thought she would never settle for less than she deserved. Enter Wayne. Handsome, successful, thoughtful and spontaneous, he sweeps Jazzy off her feet almost instantly. But after spending a year building their perfect partnership, she finds out that Wayne has been unfaithful…to his longtime girlfriend-turned-fiancée. Navigating the expectations of her traditional Caribbean parents, her only confidant is her untraditional jailbird cousin, Toya. Now, Jazzy has to decide: “Is sharing really settling, if you’ve found the love of your life?


101 “Don’t Judge Me” – Jazzy and Wayne’s new love is put to the test as his secrets are revealed.

102 “Right Vs. Wrong” – As Jazzy reaches a level of understanding about her and Wayne’s relationship, she must make a decision that could alter the rest of their lives as we know it.

103 “A Love Poem” – As Jazzy’s birthday approaches, she struggles enjoying her special day because of her current situation with Wayne.

104 “Complicated” – Wayne is torn between Whitney and Jazzy, but Jazzy finds herself in the arms of someone else.

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