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Ooh chile, now this new reality show I will be tuning in to see! There is a new series coming to OWN’s network called, ‘Houston Beauty‘! This definitely reminds me of my beauty school days when I attended Interstate Beauty School in Lyndhurst, Ohio! I only went for a few months to get my managing nail license but there was always some drama while I was there! I stayed out of most of it but my best friend Heather (who also went to this beauty school) went there for a few years for her managing cosmetology license. She always had the tea on what went down! So this show definitely peeked my interest, come inside to see the clip! 


Description: Hair isn’t the only thing that’s big at Franklin Beauty School! Houston Beauty shines a light on the big dreams, big personalities and even bigger challenges of its students and staff. The Jemison Family has owned and operated Franklin Beauty School for over 98 years, making it one of the oldest beauty schools in the country. They run a tight ship, but they aren’t always prepared for what will walk through their doors.

For many of their students, the stakes are high as they have major barriers to overcome in their lives. A cosmetology license would mean a whole new life for them—but only if they can overcome their personal struggles along the way. With the help of Ms. J and her staff, Franklin students are set on a path for success in both cosmetology and life.

Ms. J’s tough love inspires students through difficult circumstances and gives them the determination to keep on track to a better future. She is a mother figure to many of her students and is known (sometimes to a fault!) to never give up on them, truly earning the nickname “Mama J.”

Tune in for a special sneak peek of Houston Beauty on Sunday October 6th at 10/9c and the series premiere Saturday, November 2nd at 10/9c.

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