First Look: ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ New Mid Season Trailer

Hey guys, ya’ll ready for all the drama? I want to tell you guys what is going on and spill the tea so bad but give me just a few more weeks then I can unleash all my pics and more from She By Sheree’s fashion show! It was off the chain by the way!

Bravo just released a new mid season teaser of the realty series. What I just saw was Sheree’s boo Tyrone (that stood her up in Philly) make a cameo appearance. He showed up during rehearsals at her upcoming fashion show, I guess to explain himself. You will also see my buddy Apollo who is one of the models, so good to see him. Sheree also seems like she is going to have a nervous breakdown because some of her clothing didn’t show up on time! As she talks to her assistant on the phone she says, “Are you f–king kidding me?!” she replies. “This cannot be another one of those f–king times.”

Marlo and Kandi get into a bitter argument. You see Marlo telling Kandi that she pays Todd to be with her, lawd have mercy, the shade lol! Marlo insults Todd and Kandi replies,”Get a husband and then you can tell me what to do with one.” yikes! It was cat fight after cat fight, take a peek inside of the video clip and see all the drama that will air this Sunday at 8pm on Bravo, get your popcorn ready!

I have a ton of photos from the fashion show, so make sure to stop back to see those exclusive shots! 

Once the show airs, I will post all the photos from the She By Sheree fashion show, I’m under embargo till then sigh! So make sure to stop back to see!

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