My Very First Time Wearing A Lace Front, My Honest Opinion

On Sunday afternoon my daughter asked me to be a “hair model” for her, she held a Lace front class. I had NO idea what that was but she said, “mom just sit and read a magazine and be quiet, you will be fine”. I found out that a lace front is sorta like a weave but it’s lace and kinda like a wig thingy and some sort of closure lol with a bit more maintenance I guess. It’s the hottest hair trend right now. Thats all I know, I’m not a hairstylist lol.

I have very long natural hair but I don’t really wear it out because once it’s blow dried and straightened it’s pretty lifeless. I’ve said before that I like the fullness of a weave, sew-ins etc. Those hairstyles also keep my real hair protected from the heat and other things. So this kinda hairstyle seems to work for me, I think lol. We will see in a few weeks how it holds up. My daughter says that you have to really maintain a lace front and if you work out, sweat a lot or very strenuous with your hair, this is NOT the style for you. It’s a temporary look and it last for about 2 weeks. People try to hold out even longer but it will start to lift around the hairline/edges and you don’t want that and your lace front will start to slide back, lawd!

So in my opinion after wearing this particular style for a few days, is that I really like it! Its carefree, you just put a bonnet on at night, get up in the morning, shake it out, brush it and go. I know one thing, it also took 10 years off my face, yes hunty!  It kinda feels tight like wearing a high ponytail, so your face feels aa bit pulled for a few days. It eventually loosens up though. My friends said I look really youthful, I will take that! No botox or face lift needed…ha! I’m so proud of my daughter she keeps me young, till next time! xoxo

Lacefront classes are $400 a person and this particular style is $210. To get in touch with Tyra follow her on Instagram @TyraInTheCity xoxo

Natural hair washed and conditioned 

Natural hair all blow dried, need ends trimmed

Lace Front installed 

All done, love it! 

Check out beauty vlogger Jackie Aina showing you how to install one…

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2 thoughts on “My Very First Time Wearing A Lace Front, My Honest Opinion

  1. I never knew that’s how you wear them. I thought you take them off every night like regular wigs. I’m so careful of my edges and have been very hesitant to try it. But I’m very interested in this. How does it work?
    Does your daughter tell us where to purchase the style of wigs we want or does she have them there?

  2. No you keep it on, some do take it off though. I’m not a hairstylist but explained pretty much everything I know here. The glue that is applied is not put on your edges at all, its right in front of the hairline.

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