Five Reasons To Like The 2022 Lexus NX 350

I had a chance to take a much needed road trip to Sarasota, Florida for Memorial Day weekend. Lexus was too kind to drop me off the newly remodeled 2022 Lexus NX 350 for my family vacation! I loved the bright red color but if you’ve noticed, most of the cars I review are either white or red lol. Not sure why car companies send car models in these particular colors but I guess it’s for marketing purposes but yes this color was called, “Redline”.

It had a fancy sporty look to it and I loved the front grill and rims. The interior really made me feel like I was in a sports car with the red and black seats. My family was too excited for our trip and especially my grandson lol. It was a 7 hour journey from Atlanta to Florida and we only stopped a few times but it handled extremely well on the road and the Infotainment system kept us upbeat and in a great mood! With the panoramic sunroof to the perforated leather seats it was a pretty smooth and comfortable ride to and from Florida. See inside I have five reasons to like this SUV and if you’re in the market, please consider, it’s such a classy vehicle…

  • Liked the chic and redesign look, perforated and ventilated leather seats, very comfy!
  • Ride quality is amazing, very smooth ride, heated rear seats, wireless phone charger and Infotainment huge touch screen.
  • Cabin noise is supreme, no wind noise, visibility is great! Curve speed management!
  • Liked the automated windshield wipers that came on without my demand, even if it was a sprinkle of rain. There is also a door button, not a handle that was a pretty cool feature!
  • Optional high beam lights that’s great for visibility for night drives and long road trips. Automatic deeming lights too. LED rear lights.

Bonus: Well above average reliability score!

The Lexus NX 350 model starts at $39,425, This F Sport model shown is $53,845. For more info visit Lexus

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