Five Reasons Why I Hated Giving Up The 2016 Mazda 3!

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I thoroughly enjoyed cruising around in the 2016 Mazda 3! I’ve reviewed a lot of different cars with this particular car brand but I really fell in love with the Mazda 3 because of the size, the look and feel of it! It reminded me of driving a hot rod of some sorts, don’t know why but it was so much fun to test-drive! Inside are my top five reasons why I hated to give up this Mazda 3!…..

mazda 3

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I LOVED the look, style, color and feel of this vehicle. I can definitely see purchasing this, it totally fits my personality.

It runs so smoothly, handled well on the road and it’s equipped with all the bells & whistles that you become addicted to.

Its roomy enough for one person, or if you have a family. Would fit car seats of different sizes perfectly.

My kids enjoyed riding in this vehicle, which is extremely important to me. The family has to agree and like it too. We all felt safe, had fun listening to the radio and singing songs along the way, plus my daughter fell asleep in this car every time she stepped foot in it.

Did I mention how reasonably priced it is? Starting at $17,895 and its Extremely good on gas! I filled up my tank and it lasted me for about 5 days, which is awesome because I drive to the city of Atlanta atleast 5 times a week.

Check out more info on this fabulous vehicle here

Dootie is knocked out again in the Mazda 3 lol!


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