Five Things I Learned At Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament – Atlanta

On Saturday evening, I was invited out for a VIP experience at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in Lawrenceville, Ga. My friend Lee and I had such a great time and I had never been before but had heard so much about it! It was quite entertaining and we had front row seats so we were able to see all the action front and center!

I also wanted to say that the food was pretty tasty and I enjoyed watching all the actors perform but the Queen ruled and she was dressed so amazingly lol. It was filled with dialogue, epic battles, jousting and so much more. I got a chance to meet Queen Isabella (Emma) after the show and she was so much fun to talk to! Check out all the photos inside and “five things that I learned” about the show. If you’re interested in taking your family or going with friends, check the website for all the details, it’s a must-see for sure. Have a great day everyone!

Five Things I Learned:

  • In my section we were rooting for The Black & White Knight who was a beast on the battle field, he actually won too! In Prayer, Humble, In Service, Loyal, In Battle, Invincible.
  • We dined with the Queen and her Royal court. We enjoyed garlic toast, tomato bisque soup, roasted chicken, corn, herb basted potato, and ice cream. You eat with your hands, NO utensils.
  • We saw a Royal Falconry show. The falcon was so beautiful and nearly clipped my head as it flew around the arena lol. Did you know falcons vision is about 8 times better than a human?
  • The Knights use two types of swords for battle. The Espada is a one-handed, short sword used on horseback or in combination with a shield or another weapon. The Mandoble is a longer, heavier two-handed sword used by Knights on foot to deliver powerful blows.
  • The costumes were amazing. Queen Isabella’s gown was amazing to see in person. I love period piece clothing. The armor worn by the Knights was very detailed and heavy.

Queen Elizabeth

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