Five Things I Liked & Disliked About The 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander

Last week a 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander was delivered to my doorstop. It’s been a very long time since I reviewed this vehicle but when I got an email asking me would I like to test drive it, I had mixed feelings. Once the vehicle was dropped off, I was like ok, let me give it a chance because the last Outlander I had, it sounded like a mack truck and it turned me off completely. I just have my favorites when it comes to cars and this SUV was just not doing it for me. 

The new 2017, I must say is MUCH more quieter now, thank goodness! For this car to be a 4 cylinder, I never did understand why it was so loud, my gosh. I like the new shade of color(Labrador Black) the design, the grill and it’s fully equipped with all the essentials that you would need. I’m now going to list my five things that I liked and disliked about this car and for further info about it, click here. It’s listed for $23,495

Five Things I Liked:

Multi-View Camera System/Great for parking, backing up etc

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Lots of Cargo Space

Great surround sound

7-Passenger Seating

Five Things I Disliked:

Lane Departure Warning/VERY annoying and you have to disable it every time you start the car! If there was something to automatically disconnect this feature, I couldn’t find it.

Seatbelt signal going off, even if you’re just sitting in the car parked.

Console area is really big and you have to reach really far to pick up a beverage, turn radio etc.

Too much truck for me, felt very swallowed up but would be great for a big man

Swayed too much on the highway

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