Five Things I Learned About Actress Jackée Harry


I remember being very adamant about making sure my schedule was clear to watch my favorite tv sitcom, 227 back in the day. I loved the character, “Sandra Clark” played by Emmy Award winning Actress Jackée Harry! I loved her personality, sass, flirtyness and plus she would wear some amazing form fitting suits and dresses on the show. I wanted to be just like her! Well, I had the pleasure of being invited out by OWN tv network to have dinner with her at the Four Seasons hotel in Midtown Atlanta last night. We got the opportunity to discuss her new tv gig on Tyler Perry’s spinoff show, The Paynes.

Harry plays a cousin, JoAnne Payne who is quite funny and quirky. I watched a few clips and loved her all over again. At the dinner she was quite candid, funny and full of energy as she ordered martini’s and talked about her character, her family, boyfriends, ex husbands and loving Atlanta. Take a peek inside to see five things I learned about Jackée Harry. The Paynes airs Fridays at 9pm on OWN

Five things I learned about Jackée Harry:

  • When Jackée first made a guest appearance on the tv show 227, her character Sandra Clark only had 5 lines. She thought that she was only going to be on the show for a few months. It turned out being a smash hit and her character blossomed. The writers gave her more screen time and it aired from September 14,1985 through May 6, 1990.
  •  Jackée welcomed her first grandbaby Kydyn Elias into the world last year! She said she is in complete love.
  •  Jackée said she likes doing comedy but she would love to do more drama. She started off doing comedy to pay the bills but would like to do more serious roles. She was trained in theater.
  •  Another passion of Jackée is cooking. She said she wants to try to pitch a food show because she makes a mean sweet potato pie and other fancy meals.
  • Tyler Perry contacted Jackée personally and said he had a role for her on The Paynes. She said she was flattered and it was the first time she has ever worked for an African American producer. She said working with him is a lot of fun and she truly respects him.

Synopsis: Curtis and Ella Payne have decided to take the next step in their lives — retirement. A death in the family has the Paynes traveling to Sun Coast, Fla., to attend the funeral of Curtis’ Uncle Robert. Their trip takes an unexpected turn when Ella and Curtis get roped into a real estate deal, landing them in a new community with a new church and unfamiliar family members. The family is thrown straight back into the issues that viewers find in their everyday lives. As life lessons abound, Ella finds a new business, new home and new purpose.

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4 thoughts on “Five Things I Learned About Actress Jackée Harry

  1. Jackee looks great! I’m happy for her and I love the new story line. I have never watched one episode of this show before but with jackee added, I will for surely tune in and give it a try. Food looks yummy. Thanks for the in-site.

  2. It looks like a good time. I love Jackee. Her sashaying down the stoop and saying Morning Mary are hilarious.

    I caught the Paynes. It’s a cute reboot.

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