Four Great Things To Do In Marrakech

Just 14km of water separates Morocco from Europe and the country is a popular tourist destination for people across the continent, with the fourth largest city, Marrakech, being one of the most visited cities in the country. As Morocco is in such close proximity to Spain and Gibraltar, many people can enjoy day trips to Marrakech, the famous Casablanca or the country’s capital Rabat. 

Marrakech was established in 1070 and was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985, due to its large and outstanding collection of monuments. It’s the history, palaces and excellent food that keeps visitors returning. Here are some great ideas of things to do on a visit to Marrakech.

Visit the Medina

Deep within the old part of the city lies the Medina. Surrounded by a fortress of red walls, the Medina centres around Jemaa El Fna square and marketplace and the Koutoubia, which is the largest mosque in the city. And at over 800 years old, it is the oldest in the entire country. Within the Medina, you can take a tour, where you will be treated to a host of stunning monuments and learn about the history of the city. You can take a walking tour, cycle around or even ride in a vintage sidecar. The choice is yours, but the old city will give you a strong taste of Moroccan culture.

Take a Trip to The Desert

Marrakech is surrounded by several deserts and mountain ranges that are ideal for the adventurous or those looking to take some pictures of breathtaking scenery. The Agafay Desert is situated south of the City and contains some of the most stunning views of the Atlas Mountains beyond. It is also ideal terrain to race a quad bike or buggy across the sand, making it one huge playground. For those who like to climb, the mountains themselves offer hikes that can last a day or more and you’ll have the opportunity to climb the highest peak in North Africa. Mount Toubkai stands proud at 4,167 metres tall and is waiting for you to explore. The stony Jbilets desert presents a more lunar feel and you may enjoy a camel ride or a trip into the sky in a hot air balloon. 

The Ouzoud Waterfalls

A dramatic backdrop and even more dramatic cascading water make the Ouzoud Waterfalls a must-visit place in Marrakech. The water falls over the El-Abid River gorge and takes three spectacular drops, the longest of which is a mere 75m. At the bottom, you can take a swim in the smaller falls area, or brave the larger falls. You can also take a boat ride out to the larger falls where you can take some incredible photographs of the falls in all their glory.

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you’re looking for amazing scenery, then a ride in a hot air balloon is clearly for you. A balloon ride over Marrakech and beyond will provide you with some stunning views of the city the surrounding desert, palm groves and the Atlas Mountains. Balloon rides generally start early in the morning to take advantage of the sun rising over the city, a must-see-view for keen photographers. If you’re happy to pay more, you can get a private basket for yourself or enjoy a camel or quad bike tour at the end of your journey.

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