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From: Prince Starr Jackson

Subject: T.V. Show

Message Body:
“I am starting a T.V. Show here in Memphis, TN. I am trying to get sponors and advertisers for my show. Could you tell me how to go, about it? The Show is called,”Golden Blast From The Past”. It’s a Talent Show!” Thank You! P.S.J.

My response:

Hi Patrick, well each person has their unique style and with that said, you will have to sit down and figure out what fits you and your show. I went after my own sponsors by starting off small. I went to mom and pop stores, then to chain stores, then to corporate. I built up my confidence over the years and made a great media kit. I suggest you take baby steps first, before you leap into bigger things.

My very first sponsor was a gentleman who owned a few McDonald’s in Atlanta. I was talking with him one day and never knew he owned the place lol. I was very hyper in telling him about my show lol. He was very interested in my project and took notice. I told him that I highlighted business owners and talked to celebs on the red carpets. He loved it and gave me my first big check and we worked together for 2yrs.

Believe it or not, I have turned down alot of potential sponsors, especially If I felt like they didn’t fit me or my show. I get asked this question alot and people ask me to refer them to someone all the time. Thats really impossible to do because you have to build a relationship with people first.Just because they sponsored me, does not mean they will sponsor you. You have to gain your own identity and get out there and hustle like I did. My work speaks for itself and if your new, you will have to do that. Show people what you have done and have visuals. If your shy and cant pitch your show, then hire someone that may can.

You have to be smart,believe in yourself and the product to be able to win key sponsors. It’s very tough and you will definitely have to have thick skin. Alot of people will say no at first but if you think about it, they were not meant for you anyway. I was told NO alot at first but now it has become a little bit easier. Just keep going doing a great job and make the best show you can and someone will take notice. Before you know it, they will be approaching you. Good luck!

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