Funny Story: God Was Watching Over Me!

true confession

Chile this is such a funny story but aggravating at the same time! May is my birthday month, so I went online this morning to see when the Department of Transportation was open so that I could go there to renew my driver’s license and get my tag for my car which expires this month as well. They do not play here in the State of Georgia because they will pull you over for anything and even if my birthday is not till May 24th, cops can still give me a ticket and say legally my tag is expired even it its not my birthday yet. Some folks wait till the last minute or think they have until the end of the month but thats not true. I really hate waiting in the long lines, especially at the beginning of the month because you just sit there for a long time. Its something that has to be done though…

Today I was like, yep let me get up and get this over with and by me being an early bird, I wanted to get it all out the way. I first went to get my drivers license renewed because its been 8yrs now, that went by pretty fast and the line was not long at all. I think I might have been there 15 minutes since I got there at 7:30am. Then I headed to the tag office and thats when I found out that my new car that I bought in January was NOT registered at all! I bought a new car, switched the plates from my old car to my new vehicle and I thought everything was peachy. The dealership even called me after 30 days of riding around with the temporary tag and told me my transfer had went through and that I could put my  plate on my new car.


Chile, SOMEBODY didn’t do their damn job and I’ve been ridin around dirty for FIVE months! I have also been one of those people too that have passed judgement on folks I see getting arrested with warrants, suspended license and so on and thinking how lazy or irresponsible they are! This could have definitely been me with a mugshot and arrested for a similar situation! Sometimes you just do NOT know.

So I was standing in line telling Judy that I did have car insurance, showed her the proof and my registration & title to the car but she said that the car dealership never transferred my plates, OMG!

So I called the dealership and they blamed the tag office. It was a lot of back and forth, I was pissed off! They then had to electronically do a lot of paperwork but it was resolved in about an hour but just think if I had been pulled over! Thank goodness I have a really good driving record too and didn’t get pulled over geesh! Just to think, I could have been thrown in jail for fictitious plates and whatever else they could have came up with and come to think about it, who would have bailed me out of jail with my mom and husband being out of town? Lawd, God was on my side for these last five months. I’m so glad that I got my business in order today!

If you are reading this, always take care of your business, whatever it is! Its so important and it just makes your life so much easier. If you get a ticket, PAY IT! You make it harder if you procrastinate or ignore it. Its costly too!

Keep all your important documents, birth certificates, social security cards, passports etc in one safe place that you can find immediately.

I have a small file cabinet that has all our important papers, receipts in it.

Tell one of the most reliable people in your family(spouse, mom, dad, kids etc) where your important paper work is. Just in case you have to direct them to it if an issue arises.

Get a small safe/lock box for personal papers/legal documents.

A safe deposit box at the bank or secret hiding place works best for important papers/documents too.

I hope this helps you, keep you affairs in order, you will thank yourself later! xoxo

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