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gabrielle union for uptown

UPTOWN is delighted to reveal the Dec/Jan cover which features the stunning Gabrielle Union, shot by photographer Russell James. Through the styling of Jason Bolden, Gabby dons a royal blue Juan Carlos Obando dress, Givenchy sandals, a diamond-studded Rafaello & Co. necklace — and, of course, her own wedding ring. Makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic gave the leading lady an updated smoky eye using shades of violet and blue. Attached, please find the cover image, as well as another photo of Gabrielle Union from UPTOWN’s photo shoot. ​

The second image features a jacket by Acne Studio, a bralette by Agent Provocateur, a skirt by Azzedine Alaia, and bracelets by Rafaello & Co. Very cute look on her! Werk Gabby! Stay tuned to for the cover story, “State of the UNION,” next week.

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On how close she is to having kids and what’s been holding her back: “I think my brain and my heart are screaming baby fever. My ovaries, however, they’re coughing up dust. Yes, it’s in my heart and in my mind, and we’ll see if my body catches up with that.”

Coping with depression and eating her feelings: “[For my] honey cornbread, I add, a half a thing of honey to the Jiffy mix and I like to eat it raw. That’s when I’m like, ‘Am I depressed?’ There’s at least some self-respect with [eating] brownie batter, or you know, cake batter.”

On the relationship drama she’s seen and experienced: “[But] everyone contributes to the demise of a relationship and everyone contributes to a healthy relationship … You handle breakups with grace. Kids need to think well of both parents.”

Why the IG haters still living in their mom’s basement plotting​ her ruin might want to find a new hobby: “I live so far below my means that if the career was taken away, I could get a job based on my level of education and my job skills, and I could still afford what I have. I plan ahead for the destruction, my financial ruin. I might borrow some hot shit, but you’re gonna come to my house and be like, ‘What happened to that dope bag that cost as much as a home?’ I borrow that. I give it right back.”

On cyber terror scandals and having the whole world see her nude photos: “I literally heard the day after I got married. It happened after [we had] the most epic discussion with pre-teens and teenagers about Internet safety, social media, being a target and having to be smart. The next day I had to say, ‘Ummm. Of no fault of my own, um, you know, I’m naked on the Internet.’​”





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