Get The Look: B’eccare By T Rivera Luxury Skincare

I had the pleasure of trying out Reality Star and Beauty Guru Tammy Rivera’s new luxury skincare line, B’ecarre By T Rivera and I was extremely impressed! I get offers to try new beauty products all the time but I really loved this one! I was at her launch party over the weekend and got a chance to grab one of her beauty kits. This morning I tried it out and it left my skin feeling fresh and clean!

The products smells wonderful and it puts you in the mind of a true “Georgia Peach” with the fragrances used for the moisturizer and facial cleanser! See all that I got inside and how to use. Plus please support Tammy’s latest venture, she is such a sweetie! This beauty kit could also be a great Mother’s Day gift item, you know Mother’s Day is this Sunday! 

Kit includes:

Daily Cleansing Face Wash

It’s time to come clean. A daily skincare cleanser formulated to both cleanse and condition, this facial wash consists of purely natural extracts proven to rid skin of impurities without stripping it of essential moisture or nutrients. Generously infused with papaya fruit extract, the clarifying face wash gently but effectively draws dirt, excess oil and pollutants from pores to reveal a clean slate.

Weekly Exfoliating Face Wash

Bye-bye bumpy skin. Face the week with a fresh start! Exfoliating, brightening and resurfacing, this weekly facial cleanser gently polishes skin to give it a softer texture, smoother tone and more even glow without drying or tightening. Fortified with pure papaya extract, aloe and a slew of other all natural ingredients, the revitalizing face wash deeply purifies pores as it sloughs away dry, flaky skin.

Eye Cream

Who says you have to look your age? Defy aging with our natural eye cream. Enhanced with hyaluronic acid, a triple peptide complex, algae extract, jojoba and papaya, this miracle eye cream brightens dark circles, firms, smooths wrinkles and de-puffs under-eye bags. Firming, brightening and hydrating, the cream defends skin around the eyes against moisture loss, drooping and dulling.

Face Cream

Raise your face value with a boost of radiance. Enriched with natural oils, raw botanical essences and pure papaya fruit extract, this brightening moisture balance face cream is teeming with nourishment. Rich in vitamins that stimulate collagen production and aid in cell renewal, the facial moisturizer replenishes skin with healthy hydration to give it a supple texture and more beautifully even tone.

The founder of Beccare Luxury Skincare Line

Have you ever used a product and it did the total opposite of what it was intended to do. Causing your face to breakout more. Become either really dry or very oily. I’ve been through it all. During that time, I felt less confident and my skin was dull. I later realized I couldn’t depend on those products to reveal my true beauty. And who would want those results from their skincare products? So, following my beliefs, I knew I had to produce something that could enhance the natural beauty of women. Not just in the ability to care for our skin, but to also allow us to exude the confidence we feel.

The result? “BECCARE”  A luxurious yet effective skincare line that covers all aspects. The “Weekly Exfoliating Face Wash” cleans and naturally luminous skin. The “Daily Face Wash” washes away oil and impurities, revealing a fresh glow. Steps 1 and 2 will instantly have you feel confident about our skincare products. It’s a simple routine that inspires confidence in your skin and boosts your self-esteem knowing that you won’t need to wonder if it’s good for you.


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