Get The Look: Half Up Halo Braid & Soft Curls

halo braid

This morning my daughter was leaving out for beauty school, when she came in my room to say goodbye. That’s when I looked at her and did a double take because I REALLY loved the hairstyle she was rocking! You know my daughter colors and changes her hairstyle pretty darn often but I truly loved her huge goddess braid that she did on herself. I was very fascinated and told her that I wanted her to do my hair like that.

Later on today my blogger buddy friend Amber Fillerup just so happened to do the hairstyle in her hairstyle tutorial, I knew I had to attempt to try this cute look that great for when the weather is sucky outside or if you just simply want to try something new! Check out how I created this look inside and also see Amber’s cute video! 

So here is a pic of Amber’s halo braid, I was totally inspired!


(Image via Amber/Barefoot Blonde)

halo braid

So first, I brushed out my hair and parted it into two sections. Can you see all my grey hair coming in? People always say to me that I would look younger if I dyed it but I just do NOT want to! LOL!

halo braid

Then I French braided my hair around the entire part of the top of my head. I then opened up the braids a bit more to give it a fuller look. I’m so glad that I learned how to French braid when I was a very young girl. For African American girls, this is like the 3rd thing you learn how to do as a youngster! Its right after you learn how to walk and get potty trained lol.

halo braid

I then took a big barrel curling iron and curled my hair in small sections. This gave my hair lots of volume and style and soft curls.


Here’s a shot of the back of my hair. Loved the turnout. By the way, I am wearing Eye For Design Hair and you can use code Tami10 at checkout if you see some hair you love, Enjoy!

Thanks Dootie & Amber for inspiring me to try this hairstyle on my own. Check out Amber’s video below.

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