Get The Look: The Shared Planet Sea Turtle Highlighting Palette

I was too excited to get some new makeup today from a vegan beauty brand by the name of Shared Planet. They were so nice to send me over the Sea Turtle Highlighting Palette. I really loved the highlighting palette and the quality, texture, colors and pigment was very good! I will say by it being vegan, I didn’t think the colors would show up that good but it did impress me a lot and I have worked with a lot of beauty brands. The results sometimes were pretty mediocre but this particular brand I really liked. If you are looking for new makeup brands to try and tired of the others that are out there, give them a try! Love all the vibrants shades and packaging. More information about the brand inside check it out! 

The vegan beauty brand known for creating color cosmetic product collections inspired by at-risk animals, today announced the launch of their newest product, a highlighting face palette inspired by the majestic Sea Turtle which is dedicated to its conservation and well-being.

This is the 3rd animal-inspired beauty collection for the young indie brand who launched in October 2019, solely to bring awareness to animals on the ‘to be extinct’ list. Starting with their first two collections, Tiger and Polar Bear, the initial assortment included eye shadow palettes and lip glosses inspired by the colors of the two animals and their natural habitat. The brand donates 10% of sales to its animal and habitat-related charity partners.

Sea Turtles play a vital role in preserving a healthy marine ecosystem. As Sea Turtle populations decline, so does their ability to perform this critical function. Shared Planet’s collection of shimmering, pearlescent highlighters is inspired by the colors of the Sea Turtle and was created to shed light on the plight of this animal.

The Shared Planet™ Sea Turtle Highlighting Palette contains 5 warm golden shades designed to complement all skin tones. Each metallic hue imparts a sheer wash of color that melts into skin, layering together to create a natural, lit from within, radiance. Dust over cheeks, brow bone, cupid’s bow, bridge of nose or any high point on the face or body for a multidimensional glow.

All Shared Planet is committed to keeping its use of plastics to an absolute minimum. Our brand ethos is to be as thoughtful as possible with regard to anything we put out into the environment, including the packaging we crate. For that reason, our palettes are made of paperboard and hand wrapped in foil paper.


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