Girlfriends Luncheon At Four Seasons Atlanta

I called up my friend over the weekend and asked her what she was up to. She said nothing much and that’s when I asked her to get dressed up, we were going out to lunch! She was super excited and it was a chance for her to get out the house! I felt the same way and it was so pretty out here in Atlanta, why not! I went on to tell my friend Dr. Neva that at least once a month, we ladies should get together and celebrate our existence, life and friendships. Life is so short and I want to be in a good mood as much as possible! Both of us are single and Neva has a very busy schedule since she is a professional Psychiatrist, so she doesn’t get to hang out much.

We both got dolled up, headed to one of my favorite hotels here in the city, The Four Seasons and we had lunch! I also knew early on that they were going to have their spectacular holiday decorations up, so it would make for such a great backdrop for pictures! Everyone stopped and starred at us as we entered the hotel asking us what was the occasion. We quickly told them, just two girls hanging out and having fun lol. We weren’t celebrating anything in particular just life that is so precious! I suggest you guys do the same with your besties, significant other or family members! Pull out that fancy dress and shoes, do your hair & makeup and make reservations for some place fancy. I swear it will put you in the best mood. More fun pics inside, enjoy your day!

Location: Four Seasons Atlanta

Hair & Makeup: Tyra In The City, Me

Mink Leopard Jacket: Leonard Schwarts Furs Cleveland, Ohio

Jumpsuit: Cleah Couture custom jumpsuit

Clutch: GiGi New York leather Ava clutch

Shoes: Old

Photographer: Neva



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