Godiva Ladies Nite Out at Mall of Ga

Yesterday was a great event at Godiva Mall of Ga. Danielle and I hosted a Ladies Nite Out which was so much fun. We chatted with customers and gave out samples of their most tastiest chocolates. I’m a chocolate lover and I couldn’t resist popping a couple of samples in my mouth. Everything taste soo good and I would not want to work in Godiva no way, lol!

Hottie Godiva guy

Ursula and MJ

My buddy Celeb photographer Ben, love em to death!

Shout outs to all my friends that traveled up to the Mall of Ga, we know it’s a hike from Atlanta lol. Also shouts out to MJ and Ursula thanks so much for my beautiful Atomizer and Pink rhinestoned flask, I will treasure it forever! I would like to thank Danielle and Godiva for having me out too! Enjoy the pics!

My gifts from Ursula and MJ


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