Great Gift Idea: Word It On Personalized Vinyl & Gemstones Bracelets

I know a lot of people that are thinking about unique gift ideas for their family and friends. I ran across this cute website called, Word It On that makes really cute personalized vinyl & gemstone bracelets. They are great keepsakes and you can wear them in so many ways. I was gifted three bracelets and had the option of putting any names on mine. I picked LOVE, Legend and my name. You can mix them with other bracelets you may have and stack them to make them look very fashionable, the different ways you can wear them is endless. You can make these unforgettable bracelets for your newborn baby, family members, pet or whatever. You can also choose mommy & me bracelets. More pics and where to find inside, happy holiday shopping!

Personalized Vinyl & Gemstones Bracelet

Fun, stunning, unforgettable bracelets for you and your loved ones to wear and to be reminded of words that empower and make you feel good! While our focus is expertly hand crafted bracelets, we design our pieces to be unique, durable and most important, meaningful.

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